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watch your carbon footprints disappear

Let our Central Florida Energy Saving Consultants HELP you SAVE MONEY on your Electric Bills and save the ENVIRONMENT by using the Sun to Power your Home or Business and watch your carbon footprints disappear

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1. Air conditioning
2. Ducts
3. Insulation
4  Attic heat
5. Windows
6. Water heater
7. Pools
8. Non-productive energy

What Can You Do
Important Steps You can DO NOW to Start Saving Money on your Energy Costs

Our Environment Matters

Global Warming is not a joke. Solar energy and GOING GREEN REALLY DOES MATTER

Incentive Program

Government Assistance and Incentive Programs are STILL available .. find out more

Energy Efficient Homes
Some of the work we have done to help families SAVE MONEY on their Electric bills and have Energy Efficient Homes using Solar power

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Reduce Energy Costs by Making your Home and Business Energy Efficient is Our Goal

Solar Renewable Energy Resources is a West Central, Florida based company.  We work primarily in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando, Polk, Citrus, De Soto, Sarasota and Manatee counties in Florida  helping people cut their electric billls/costs!. 

 Solar Renewable Energy Resources audit experts will provide your HOME or BUSINESS with an ENERGY EVALUATION which will show areas of your home or business where energy and electric use can be saved .. saving you money on your electric bills.

 Our Solar Energy Resource Consultants can help you Start Saving Money Today by Following our Simple but Effective Energy Saving Suggestions and Tips. Check out our WHAT CAN YOU DO link to make Easy Changes in your Home to save money on your electric bills and make your home more energy efficent.

Solar Renewable Energy Resources ~ FLORIDA. Home and Business Energy Consultants

Today is a beautiful SUNNY day in Florida ! Our Florida Renewable Energy Consultants can show you how to Unplug from the electric companies and plug into the sun. Doing so will not only SAVE YOU MONEY on all your Electric costs but help save the environment!

You can Call or Email us today and Set up an Eight Point Energy Evaluation to learn how you can harness the SUN'S FREE ENERGY to power your home or business .

With numerous years of experience in the field as Expert Energy Consultants, our energy evaluations have helped many Homeowners and Businesses drastically reduce their rising electric expenses. Our Solar Renewable Energy Resources consultants are here to help YOU find the best possible solutions for your home or business while working within your budget and to maximize your savings.  Each home or business is different and has its own unique ways to save energy.  Our Energy Saving Consultants  will show you the specific needs for your home or business to cut your electric bills.

It MAKES SENSE to use the SUN'S ENERGY to produce some or all of your energy needs !

 Especially here in Florida, the Sunshine Statewe should let the sun work for us .. Solar Energy Consultants can show you how.  Everyone should take advantage of the free energy the sun gives us& AND help SAVE the Planet by GOING GREEN and Going Solar in the process

 Florida needs to be at 25% usage of renewable energies by the year 2025.  You can do your part to make this happen and have the savings show up in your pocket.

There is STILL TIME to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the GOVERNMENT INCENTIVE Programs to cut your electric bills Go Green and do your part to HELP Save Our Planet. Everyone should be concerned about our saving our planet ... everyone loves to SAVE MONEY .. START TODAY to DO YOUR PART!

Energy audit, Energy Consultations, Energy reviews, Energy Evaluations, Energy Surveys, Expert energy evaluations, energy inspections, lower utility costs, reduce energy costsAN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL /strong> FLORIDA HOMEOWNERS:

  Throughout our travels we have run across homeowners who think they  cannot use other energy resources such as solar or even clotheslines to hang clothes out to dry due to the deed restrictions, ordinances, covenants or any other binding agreement.  The Florida Solar Rights Law prevents homeowner associations from stopping the use of an alternative energy source.  So go ahead and put up that clothesline and make your home more energy efficient and help us reduce the carbon footprint that we are leaving on our planet.  Florida’s Solar Rights Law protects YOU and our planet!!!


Solar Renewable Energy Resources COMPANY GOALS

  •   To help home and business owners convert money they are currently spending on their utility bills into an investment into their homes or business with little or no out-of-pocket expense to them.

  •  To assist homeowners in taking advantage of all Federal, State, and Power Company incentives on energy saving state of the art equipment. 

  •  To save customers an average of $10,000 to $15,000 on electrical costs over the next ten years.

  •   To do our part to reduce our dependence on foreign oil while improving the quality of our environment.


Thousands of homeowners rushed to install energy saving solar systems after Florida created a rebate program back in 2006. Then the rebate money ran out. Taking Action Reporter Jackie Callaway has good news for those still waiting on their checks.

Mike Spinella took out a loan to pay for his $36,000 solar system-- a purchase made in response to Florida's solar rebate program. The offer was a reimbursement up to $20,000 for a roof system like Mike’s.

“It was installed in December of 2009 and my application went in the first week of January,” Mike said.

More than 30,000 Floridians applied for the rebates and the fund ran out of money in 2009 leaving the Spinellas and 9,000 others waiting on their money.   “What we are saving in electricity we are just paying the people we the people we borrowed the money from,” Mike says.

Mike's wife Lynn says multiple calls to Tallahassee ended in frustration and confusion.

“They said oh we are not going to be paying that and then my husband called and they said it is going to be a percentage. Like every time we call it is a different story,” said Lynn.

Then last November, the legislature passed house bill 15-A to distribute more than $31 million to approved HVAC and solar rebate applicants.

In an email, Florida's Office of Energy says they are, "committed to moving these dollars into Florida's economy and these residents and businesses that invested in their energy future.”

The first payouts went to those who installed energy efficient air conditioners.  Now the energy office claims the solar rebates will begin going out in August or September. For the Spinellas, it can't get here soon enough.

This chart shows a breakdown of how energy is used every month. It demonstrates the importance of looking at all areas of energy use. We examine these areas specifically for your home or business. We teach how to regulate your energy use.  You will have the knowledge to combat the rising electric rates, get your energy costs under control and keep them there.  We will show how making improvements and an investment in your home or business that you can have excess energy and sell it back to the power companies.  The size of investment you make into your home or business is your choice, we explain everything that can be done to reduce all electric costs and that the sky is the limit.

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 A few of the Homes Our Renewable Energy Resources Consultants have helped become Energy Efficient Using Solar Power to reduce their electric costs
Solar Renewable Energy Resources ~ FLORIDA, Home and Business Energy Consultants Solar Renewable Energy Resources ~ FLORIDA, Home and Business Energy Consultants
solar panels can save you money on your electric costs .. call our Florida energy consultanst today   Renewable Energy Consultants have helped this home become Energy Efficient Using Solar Power to reduce their electric costs  Renewable Energy Resources of Florida .. Cal today to set up your eight point evaluation to learn how to GO GREEN and GO SOLAR 


"Watch your carbon footprints disappear when you make your home more energy efficient.  Unplug from the energy company and plug into the sun"

Everyone NEEDS to DO their Part to Save the Planet and GO Green .. why not start today by making SIMPLE and Effective MONEY Saving changes in your Home or Business .. Use the SUN ! Go Solar!